Mental Health

12th January 2017

Geoffrey Cox, Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon, has welcomed a new Government initiative to improve mental health services so that more children and young people receive support and care. The MP, who is a founding trustee of local mental health charity, Make a Difference, recently met the Chief Executive of the Devon Partnership Trust, Melanie Walker, to discuss the provision of mental health services in Torridge and West Devon.

The Government has promised new support for secondary schools, as part of which they will be offered mental health first aid training to increase awareness of mental health and help to deal with the stigma that still surrounds mental ill health.

The Government will also be reviewing children and adolescent mental health services throughout Devon to identify what is already working and what can be improved, enabling more children and young people get the mental healthcare they need and deserve.

These proposals are part of a wide range of measures to improve mental health and make sure no one is left behind. There will be an expert review into how mental wellbeing can be improved in the workplace so that employees receive more care. There will be more support in the community so everyone in need can gain the best support, more online services will be provided and the benefits system will be made fairer for people suffering from mental health problems.

Geoffrey Cox Q.C., M.P. said: “For too long there hasn’t been enough focus on mental healthcare in this country and many have been left to suffer in silence. I very much hope that these new proposals will help to ensure children, young people and adults receive the understanding, care and the treatment they deserve. Mental healthcare will be improved in schools, workplaces and universities and it will be easier for those suffering from mental illness to gain access to the right care for their needs, while we tackle the injustices people with mental health problems face.”

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