Holsworthy Hospital

28th March 2017

Geoffrey Cox QC MP for Torridge & West Devon has urged top bosses at the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust to justify, based on evidence, the temporary closure of the beds at Holsworthy Hospital ahead of a scheduled meeting at North Devon District Hospital on Thursday.

In a letter to the Chief Executive of the Trust, the MP for Torridge & West Devon has asked for the senior leaders responsible for recruitment and finance at the Hospital to be present at the meeting to explain first-hand the problems faced on the front line.

Separately, Mr Cox commented, “This meeting will give me an opportunity to evaluate the evidence base for the decision taken by the Trust.”

Mr Cox has requested that the Trust arrange for the financial, medical and allocation managers to be present for a full and frank discussion of the practical issues that have given cause for the Trust to close the Hospital temporarily.

“I have asked to see cogent evidence underpinned by the relevant documents and accounts of the managers during our meeting to satisfy myself that the basis of the decision is justified. I very much hope that the Trust will make arrangements to facilitate this important exercise.”

In a separate letter to the Chief Executive of the Success Regime, Geoffrey Cox QC MP and Peter Heaton Jones MP have urged that the Sustainability & Transformation Plans curtail the risk of significant cuts to acute services at the North Devon District Hospital.

The MPs have voiced their concern repeatedly about the need to treat their rural constituencies as a special case. They made their case clear to the Secretary of State for Health in a joint meeting at the Department of Health last month.

Mr Cox will be making a public statement after his meeting with the Chief Executive of the Trust later this week.

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